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Whether its a faulty output jack, a broken pot or a noisy pick up it can be very frustrating if your guitar is not sounding like it should, so here at Waterfront Repairs we can make sure that your instrument sounds exactly how you like it.


Conversely you may wish your guitar to have a different tone altogether or better functionality, however following wiring diagrams can be confusing or you don't fancy burning yourself whilst soldering (don't worry we can take the hit for you, we are used to it)

If nothing on the list below fits your situation do not hesitate to fill in the contact form anyway and we will be more than happy to see if we can help.

Guitar Strings

Modifications can include the following:

- Pick-up replacement

- Neck Shim

- Volume or tone pot replacement

- Locking tuners installation

- Strap lock installation

- Noisy output jack replacement

- New pickguard fitting

- Pickguard shielding

- Cleaning/re-soldering connections

- Final Check over, Test and play!

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